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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The World vs The Bible

((o= the world and x= the bible))
o~Beauty is external and physical.
x~ Beauty is internal, spiritual and physical
o~The spirit is temporary and the body is permanent.
x~ The body is temporary and the spirit is eternal.
o~Your body is all that matters
x~It’s what’s inside that counts
o~You are a product of evolution.
x~You are created by God.
o~Your body belongs to you.
x~Your body is not yours, and it’s the temple of the Holy Spirit.
o~Dress the please the world and reflect your glory. x~
x~Dress to please God and reflect His glory.
o~The purpose of clothing is to show off your body.
x~The purpose of clothing is to cover and conceal your body.
o~“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”
x~Be modest.
o~Highlight and draw attention to the body, the skin, and private parts.
x~Draw attention to the heart, soul, spirit and mind.
o~You are loved by no-one unless you are beautiful.
x~You are perfectly loved by God. Designed to be beautiful for His glory.
o~The body has no worth. You can trash it or ignore it.
x~Your body isn’t yours. Look after it.
o~Your body is to unnerve and embarrass other people and to make them feel bad about themselves.
x~Use your body to protect, edify and strengthen others.
o~Give your body freely to others.
x~Keep your body for only one man/women.
o~What you wear is “just external”.
x~What you wear reflects your heart.

This was a sheet that was handed out during a modesty talk at our yp. i quite like it...


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