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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I was thinking today that you probably don't know what Not Home Yet means. So i will tell you. This story was told to me by Dan, i don't know if its true or not, i presume so. Here we go...

There was a couple who had been missionaries in Africa for 40 years, and were finally coming back to America. On the ship they were travelling on was the president of America who had been for a holiday in Africa. When the ship came to port crowds and crowds came to see the president. When the couple were finally allowed to get off the ship, the port was abandoned, it was raining and there was no one to greet them. The man turned to his wife and said to her, " How is it that the president goes shooting in Africa for 2 weeks and when he comes home loads of people come to see him, and we have been working hard for the LORD for 40 years and when we come home no one greets us?" His wife merely replied, "pray about it" (as all good christian wives should :P) the next day he came to his wife and said," God has given me the answer...we aren't home yet!!!

guys (or whoever reads my blog) every time you visit my blog i want my name to remind you that we as Christians aren't home yet! how often do we forget this and get comfortable here? we need to be constantly reminded that we are Christs and therefore this is NOT our home. live as Christ would have and remember where our home is!!! in the glory :)


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