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Thursday, March 29, 2007

okay...i'm REALLY bored

Write some friends on the numbers below and answer the following questions...

1. Bex
2. Lydia
3. Chloe
4. Nomi
5. Dave
6. Foulkesie
7. Josh
8. Hann
9. Coralie
10. fran
11. will
12. Jon
13. Tim
14. Tom
15. simon
16. chloe

Q. have you ever kissed 6?
A. NO!

Q. whats your least favourite thing about 13?
A. he lives too far away :(

Q. whats the best memory you have of 9?
A. Coralie...well, i have far to many funny memories of Coralie to pick a favorite one lol

Q. whens the next time your gonna see 4?
A. tomorrow night

Q. is number 8 pretty?

Q. what was your first impression of number 7?
A. well, hes my brother so i was just born when i saw him...probably fat and ugly lol:P

Q. what do you like most about 14?
A. hehe, his strange and bizarre humor

Q. how did you meet 3?
A. Swimming lol

Q. do you think 12 would kill someone?
A. maybe if they beat him in an argument :P...WHO WON THE LAST ARGUEMENT JON? ohh maybe i shouldn't say that... :P

Q. is 11 your best friend?
A. nope

Q. how long have you known 1?
A. ermm 8 years?

Q. do you think 5 has a crush on you?
A. hahaha NO!

Q. whats the last thing you did with 6?
A. hehe i tripped him up an he went flyin!

Q. if you could give anything to 15 what would it be?
A. a get well soon card lol

Q. would 2 and 16 make a good couple?
A. errmmmm no!!!!

Q. if 1 was a crayon what colour would s/he be?
A. the nicest one :)

Q. hav you ever been to 3's house?
A. oh yeah

Q. whens the next time you will see 5?
A. tomorrow

Q. are you real close to 7?
A. well, i have to live with him...hes an idiot but i still love him =]

Q. have you ever been to the movies with 8?
A. yep

Q. whats 13's house like?
A. haven't been for ages!

Q. have you ever been angry with 12?
A. whenever he metions the word Dave...

Q. would you ever make a move on 10?
A. ermmm no

Q. what do you and 3 talk about the most?
A. well...hehe...ginger Afro people and psychological and emotional messes


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