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Thursday, October 26, 2006

i'm bored

2 things i love

My bench coat
My eyes

2 things i hate

music theory
illogical arguing

2 things that make me happy

when people start talking to me on msn - it shows they want to talk to me
when my guinea pigs fall asleep on my knee - it shows their absolute trust in me

2 things that i dream of doing

running a marathon (!!!)
writing a book

2 things i would take with me to a desert island

a bible
a computer

2 of my bestest friends (excluding family)

bex grubb!!!!:D

2 items of food i could live on for the rest of my life


2 of the best films i have ever watched

robin hood, prince of thieves
national treasure

2 of my favourite places

the grubbs

2 things i love to do

read good books
chat to people on msn

2 of the best Christmas present s i could ever get

a dog
a laptop

okay...i'm not inspired anymore:P i'm going out to a video night, but i'm feeling quite bad, coz i had watched a film every day this week (apart from sunday) and i'll watch another one tomorrow, and another one on saturday.

On monday i'm going to the grubbs til friday...

i'm tired...


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