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Friday, November 10, 2006

We did this passage in English today...i rather liked it, and some of the points are good. It might be a bit strong... what do people think?

If you would not fall short of the kingdom of heaven, take heed of inordinate passion. Many a ship has been lost in a storm; and many soul has been lost in a storm of unruly passions. Every member if the body is infected with sin, as every branch of wormwood is better; but " the tongue is full of deadly poison."James 3v8. Some care not what they say in their passion; they will censure, slander, and wish evil to others. How can Christ be in the heart, when the devil has taken possession of the tongue? Passion disturbs reason , it is brevis insania, a short frenzy. Jonah in a passion flies out against god. " i do well to be angry even unto death." Jonah 4 v 9. What! to be angry with god, and to justify it? " i do well to be angry;" the man was not well in his wits. Passions unfits for prayer. " i will, therefore, that men pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath.2Tmothy 2v8. he that prays in wrath may lift up his hands in prayer, but he does not lift up holy hands. water, when hot, soon boils over; so; when the heart is heated with anger, it soon boils over in fiery passionate speeches. Some curse others in their passion. Let those whose tongues are set on fire take heed that they do not one day in hell desire a drop of water to cool them. Oh, if you would not miss the heavenly kingdom, beware of giving way to unbridled passions. some say, words are but wind; but they are such a wind as may blow them to hell.

Thomas Watson
extract from the Second Petition of the Lord's Prayer from Body of Divinity


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