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Saturday, November 25, 2006


yeah, as the title suggests i am uninspired, because i don't have anything to write about, or i can't be bothered. Life is crazy at the mo, and i seem to be doing more and more, but its all good, it keeps me out of mischievous...well...sometimes. The main thing is that i am getting baptised next Sunday ( the 3rd). I'm really excited about that, but i still have to touch up my testimony and read several short books before next Sunday. But i will tell you about my day's at the stables.

7-8 Up bright and early, dressed, make my much, feeding guinea pigs, feeding myself and set off for the stables

8-10 Arrive at the yard, catch horses, groom, tack up, and sort the indoor out.

10-4 The lessons. 1/2 an hour each. usually i will work every other one, and on my breaks i sit in the tack room, with whoever is on a break, chat and eat. When i work, i will go round with generally a small person, from 5 - X. I hold the horse as they go round, chat to the small person, usually telling them what to do, and why they have to do it. The little ones are ace to talk to. And one of my breaks i ride.

4-5 Untack, groom, sort the hay out, and send the horses off to where ever they go either the indoor or the fields.

I have been doing this job for bout 5 years now, and in June i started to get paid a tenner each week, which although its only 1 10 an hour, i won't be able to get a job any where else, until I'm 16. So i stay. Its a right laf sometimes, but sometimes the girls get hyper, and when they are hyper they are extremely rude. They are alright tho, and they are funny, but i don't quite get accepted because i don't slag everyone off behind their backs (which is what everyone does, its horrible) and i don't swear and i don't talk about gross stuff.

So yeah.

and i managed to do a whole post without smileys aswell...things are looking up.


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