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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Classic music, what's the point?

Living with someone who listens to Classic FM most of the time, l have developed a great dislike of it. I was wondering recently, what is the point of a song without words? You can't sing it. You can sort of hum it. But classic music is even worse, not only does it have no words, but it also has ear piercing sounds, like high clarinets :P, or something. If they do have words , they are probably in Latin or Italian, and if you lucky enough to find one in English, then you can't work out what they are saying, because they are warbling away.
Of course there is one exception being Ludovico Einaudi. I have to admit that l love his music.
And of course film music is very good, exciting, and enjoyable i.e.Lord of the Rings, and Titanic.

The holidays are good, most of my lovely family is at home, l bought a gorgeous England top for £5 in the Next sale:D I wonder where l will be wearing that... :P I watched the new Pink Panther film, which is very good:D l also watched A Night's Tale, which is amazing! Our church's holiday bible club is on next week. I am looking forward to that, because last year l missed it, l was staying with 2 friends.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Imagine there is a factious church dinner where an accident occurs - the cook drops the dessert on the floor! What happens next?

The server says, "Here, let me clean it up."

The leader says," Jim, would you go get the mop? Sue, if you help clean up, Mary and l will fix dessert."

The giver says " I'll go out and buy another dessert."

The merciful says " Don't feel badly, it could of happened to anyone!"

The prophet says " That's what happens when you're not careful."

The teacher says " clearly, the reason it fell is that it was unbalanced; the tray was too heavy on one side."

The exhorter says " To avoid his in future, you should use both hands."

Which one of the responses would you have given?

"life management for busy women" - elizabeth george

Friday, July 21, 2006

2 films l have watched in the last 24 hours...

Yesterday l went to my friends for a sleepover, and we watched a film called The pacifier.

Lt. Shane Wofle is a tough-as-nails Navy SEAL who has controlled combat action in every corner of the globe. Now the ultimate test comes when he's assigned to protect the home front... In a house loads with 5 out-of-control children. Its a hilarious assault on suburbia as the clever children show Lt. Wolfe that he's finally meet his match.

It was a very funny film, with hardly any (:O) romance in, quite a bit of action, and a very enjoyable watch:D l highly recommend it:D marks about 7/10 in my opinion:D

Today l went with her to our municipal cinema. Its a good cinema, but there are a lot of chavs who hang around there.. anyway, we went to see pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Mans Chest.
My friend asked me just before it started, "Abi, is it scary and sad?" "nah, its good, and not at all scary!" So we settled down in our seats, to avoid being thrown popcorn by the chavs :S I had to hold her hand in several places, which were too scary and tense for her liking:D Afterwards l was rebuked for not calling it scary, at which she thoroughly disagreed, oh well:D This is the second time l have seen it, and it was easier to understand this time. I would say that it is not as good as the first one, but still a good watch. Less romance, more fighting, and another good looking man added, AKA Commodore Norrington:P Marks about 7/10 in my opinion:D

Now l am about to leave for our YP bbq, which is doing a speical for year 6's tonight...

good night x x x

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drowned rats

Being the first day of the holidays, l decided that it was time l washed my adorable guinea pigs. I told my friend, and she replied that it was OTT, but it is important that you keep their fur and skin healthy:D Most of them enjoyed it, but Muffin decided that she hated having the shampoo rubbed in and then washed out :D l enjoyed it more than them:P

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've started!!


On the 18th of July, 2006 l have started my first blog:D This will contain my opinons, thoughts, and moans! please comment!

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