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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Biblical principles for cultural decision making

Last Sunday night we were at Gary's house and the topic was 'what does the bible say about films' but he decided to widen the scope alot, so we didn't get through it, but what we did discuss was really good, and here is the sheet he gave us...

What does my Bible say? If its a sin in the bible its a definite no.

Is it beneficial to me personally and to the gospel generally? 1Cor 6v12

Will i lose self-control and be mastered by what i participate in? 1Cor6v12

Will i be doing this in the presence of someone who i know will fall into sin as a result? 1Cor8v9-10

Is it a violation of the laws of my city, state or nation? Rom 13v1-7

If i fail to do this, will i lose opportunities to share the gospel? 1Cor 10v27-30

Can i do this with a clear conscience? Acts 24v16

Will this cause me to sin by deeding sinful desires? Rom 13v13-14

Am i convinced that this is what God desire for me to do? Rom 13v13-14

Does my participation proceed from my faith in Christ Jesus? Rom 13v5

Am i doing this to help other people, or am i just being selfish? 1Cor 10v24

Can i do this in a way that glorifies God? 1Cor 10v31-33

Am i following the example of Jesus Christ to help save sinners? 1Cor 10v33-11v1