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Saturday, August 12, 2006

One ace girl...

On Monday morning a girl l met on camp last year came to stay with us. l didn't really know her before, but it was a great two days, and l really enjoyed her coming to stay.
We did a lot of walking and talking which was really kwl. We went shopping, and managed to pick up some great bargains in Chester. We went to go and see stormbreaker. We did load of kwl stuff:D

i am packing for nearly 4 weeks holiday (which isn't fun, when you don't have enough clothes). On Monday morning we are leaving for Aber conference, till Saturday, then l am going straight to camp, then on the next Saturday l am going to Becky Grubbs, till Thursday, coming back for 2 days, then going off on a family holiday for a week. So l won't be blogging much:S


Friday, August 11, 2006

She isn't charismatic, really:P

Check out these awesome hats!

This proves that Naomi is a billy:D

luv ya Becky:P

Lucy, Nomi & Abi

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My big sis:)

Eric getting beaten up by Josh and Dave:D

Can you get cuter than this?

Man in Black

Saturday, August 05, 2006



Sorry about no blogging, this week has been really busy. Our church has just had the Holiday Bible club, the theme this year being Globetrotters. The 4 teams were cars (red) planes (yellow) trains ( blue) and the best team boats (green)! Every morning meeting started at 9 for the leaders, with a time of prayer, and then a sorting out of 'stuff'. At 10 the kids come and we start with our warm up songs, like 'there was a man who had a dog' and also 'a ran san san' :D we have a serial talk, on Gladys alyward, a bible story, a quiz, a memory verse, lots of songs, and activities.

We also had a sports afternoon, a fancy dress, and a parents night, which were all successful.
the green team should have won, and nearly did, apart from everyone else didn't want them to win, so they changed the rules, so the smelly red team won. But it was fun:D

Today l read a really scary book called ' and then there were none' by agatha christe. Basically loads of people die in horrible ways, but it is a good book:D


ps. l will post some pictures up soon